Risen Light Church

MidsummerCamp 2019


Welcome To

midsummer camp


What to expect

Most of the weekend will be spent outside. There will be plenty of time to eating together, swim and play games. Maurice and Rachel Nightingale will be joining us from England and there will be some great opportunities to worship God and learn more about his great mission for Finland.

This is a family gathering where we plan to rest and serve one another, so let your hair down and get stuck in with the washing up when it’s your turn on the rota below!


Things to bring

  • Weather appropriate clothing & shoes

  • Towel & Swimsuit

  • Mozzie Spray & Sun Screen

  • Headlamp or flashlight

  • Notebook & pen

Food & Drinks:

We will be serving one another by preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner together. The cost of the groceries is covered by your ticket price.

We are welcome to drink alcoholic drinks, however the camp budget does not included them. If you like a sauna beer or wine with dinner you’ll need to bring them with you.


If you are staying in a cabin, bring all the bedding you need e.g:

  • Sheets

  • Duvet

  • Pillow

    There are blankets in the rooms

If you are staying in a tent, bring everything you will need e.g:

  • Tent

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Matt

    no camping equipment will be provided

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Address: Jyväskyläntie 352, 17200 Asikkala

Make your own travel arrangements.

The bus should take about 3 hours from Helsinki. There are likely to be friends willing and able to drive to the nearby bus stop to pick-up anyone arriving by bus.

If you need a lift, you will need to arrange this well ahead of time to honour the family members that are willing to pick you up.

RL MidsummerCamp19_timetable-01.png


The camp starts on Friday 21.6 at 4pm this is flexible for those that need to arrive late.

Serving rota

Check the rota below for when you’re serving at different points over the weekend.

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